Schedule shift work with weekly shift schedule templates

  • Using a shift schedule app with employee shift schedule templates saves you time managing your small business team
  • Homebase offers a weekly employee shift schedule template, Excel and Google Calendar do not
  • Switch to Homebase’s employee scheduling app and get started scheduling employee work shifts weeks, and even months, in advance
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Employee scheduling software saves you hours every week

Using work scheduling templates for every day of the week is one of the fastest ways to schedule shifts for your team. With Homebase’s work scheduling app, you can easily build out shift work schedules. Once you’ve got a solid staffing plan in place, you can then copy it over from week to week, making your scheduling processes simple and fast. 

This means you can schedule your employee’s work days weeks or months in advance. However, since the schedule makers are so easy to edit, you’ll still be able to handle time-off requests and more in real time. These kinds of features don’t come with simple calendar apps you may currently be using. 

What’s more, your free employee schedule template comes with an easy-to-use color-coded interface that even allows you to add shift notes and schedule employees for multiple shifts or consecutive days at once. The interface also works with rotating shift schedules if you use that for your business. 

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A shift schedule app puts everything in one place

With Homebase, you have visibility into real-time and historic sales data. Our app gives you sales predictions based on past numbers so you can make better scheduling decisions. You’ll even be able to see the weather forecast right there in your dashboard so you won’t make the mistake of scheduling outdoor staff on a rainy day and have the opportunity to make schedule changes as needed. 

You can even track labor costs and number of hours worked, and Homebase will let you know if a shift worker is about to hit overtime. This way you can save money and stay compliant with state and local labor laws. 

Speaking of labor costs, you can track scheduling against a labor cost goal, which you can set as a percentage of sales. We also offer support for multiple wage rates to help you schedule the right mix of team members working in the right roles to ensure you match that target goal. 

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Employee shift schedule apps help you stay compliant

With predictive scheduling laws becoming more and more common in the United States, the ability to plan ahead and publish weekly schedules in advance is important to running your business. The ability to easily copy your shift patterns from one week to the next and disperse them to your teams helps you follow any state or local laws you might be subject to. 

Dispersing those schedules quickly is also key. When you’re ready to send it out to the team, your employees will receive the schedule instantly through a Homebase mobile app notification and text. They will also be alerted when they have a shift coming up to help with shift coverage and reduce late arrivals, absenteeism and no-shows. 

Labor laws also include minimum wage changes that you need to keep up with as a business owner or manager. Homebase lets you see how any increases in your local minimum wage will affect your bottom line, as well as your labor costs, as you’re creating your employee work schedule.


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