Simple labor law compliance with Homebase

Easily stay in compliance with state, local, and federal labor laws

Stay on top of new labor laws

Easy predictive scheduling

Predictive scheduling rules generally mean employees need advanced notice of any schedule changes. With Homebase, send schedules weeks in advance, with employee availability already factored in.

Save money despite increasing labor costs

Save on labor costs — despite increasing minimum wages — by preventing early clock-ins, getting text message overtime alerts, and more.

Track paid time off automatically

Set time off policies in accordance with local laws, and track accruals automatically in Homebase.

Scheduling your employees will love

Even if predictive scheduling isn’t the law yet in your city, your employees will love having their schedules in advance. In fact, we found that employees preferred a predictable schedule over a 10% pay increase.

  • Create reusable schedule templates and publish predictable schedules weeks in advance.
  • Send a completed schedule to your employees via text, email, and the free mobile app and confirm they received it.
  • Track time-off requests and employee availability changes.
  • Manage shift trades and covers in the mobile app without phone calls.
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Easily manage your labor costs

Reduce your labor costs to manage higher minimum wages. Start with added visibility into your sales and costs with advanced reporting.

  • Get a text message when an employee is about to hit overtime
  • Save hundreds of dollars a month by preventing early clock-ins
  • Forecast your labor costs as you schedule
  • See the weather and your sales forecast right on the schedule
  • Track overtime across multiple locations
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Track paid time off automatically

Paid time off laws for hourly workers are changing around the country. Homebase can help you track accruals.

  • Set different policies per regulation
  • Set different PTO policies per employee
  • Manage all your time off requests — both paid and unpaid — in one place
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Frequently asked questions about labor law compliance notice

Do I need a labor law compliance poster?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers (both federal employers and employers in the private sector) to post mandatory federal labor law posters. You must also place Occupational Safety and Health posting in visible areas to remind every employee you hire about workplace safety guidelines for hazardous occupations laid out in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. 

A poster noting the federal minimum wage and overtime pay laws, or your state minimum wage, whichever is higher, must also be shown at your workplace. This is to remind employees how much they will be paid for hours worked.

Many states also require you to post posters laying out the rules under your state’s family and medical leave policies in order to remind your team of the laws that apply to them. 

If you are an independent contractor or a sole proprietor running your own business with no employees working for you, you do not need to post any labor law posters at your place of work. 

However, if you do in fact have employees and need to have the required labor law posters provided in your workplace, you can find them in Homebase’s state labor law compliance center

Not only does the center provide links for each state on where to find the labor law compliance poster small businesses need, but you can also read the important employment laws you need to be aware of a small business owner. These include wage and hour laws, child labor laws, work permits required, paid leave, and more. 

What is a labor law compliance notice?

A labor law compliance notice is a notification that alerts you of an upcoming change to an existing labor law in your state, or on the federal level. It will also alert you if a new law entirely is going to take effect soon. 

When you sign up for Homebase, you will receive email notifications alerting you when minimum wage is increasing, or if any new laws are taking effect in your area soon so you can make the best effort to make the changes quickly and stay compliant. 

We will also email you if there is an update to any required labor law posters, along with a link to download the poster for free so you can stay compliant with the required postings. This way you have one less thing to worry about as a business owner, and you can ensure your employees are being made aware of the most up-to-date information. 

How does Homebase help me follow federal labor laws?

Homebase will help you stay on top of wage and hour laws, especially in terms of breaks and overtime. If an employee forgets to take a federally mandated break, they, as well as you, will receive an alert through the Homebase app that the break was not taken. This way the employee will remember to take the allotted time off so you can stay compliant. 

Homebase will also alert you when an employee is about to hit overtime while you are scheduling your team. If you are scheduling an employee who is about to hit overtime, you can either make the decision to pay them the required overtime wage, or schedule someone else and save money on labor costs so your payroll process isn’t such a headache when you have to go over old-fashioned timesheets

Can Homebase help me follow state labor law compliance rules?

While predictive scheduling is not a law on the federal level, several regions do have predictive scheduling laws in place. With Homebase, you can easily and quickly adhere to these rules by setting up your schedule early and getting them out to your team as quickly as possible. 

Does your state require a paid leave policy? Homebase also helps you set up paid time off policies easily in your dashboard to follow state and local laws. If your law requires employees to have the ability to accrue paid time off, you can track these accrued hours automatically without having to worry about keeping up with them on your own. 

If your state or city raises minimum wage, it can seem difficult to keep up with rising labor costs. With Homebase, you can reduce your labor costs very easily and handle the increase in minimum wage in an efficient way for your business. 

For instance, you’ll receive an increased visibility into your daily sales and labor costs with Homebase’s advanced reporting software. Plus, Homebase’s time clock app will help you prevent early clock-ins and remind your employee if they forget to clock out at the end of their shift. 

Homebase will even show you the weather for each shift so you know if you need to schedule outdoor employees based on the kind of crowd you can expect. Get started with Homebase today! 

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