For beauty & wellness businesses

All-in-One team management.

Homebase helps you manage your schedule, streamline daily communication, and know how your business is running.

We support many types of beauty & wellness businesses including

Beauty salons
Hair salons
Massage services
Nail salons
Personal training
Tanning salons
Tattoo & piercing parlors
Yoga studios

Manage your team’s schedule in real time.

Easily handle any schedule changes—even if you aren’t there in person. 

  • Adjust your schedule on the fly and from anywhere on your phone.
  • Employees can work directly to trade shifts and coordinate covers. All you need to do is approve.
  • When you publish or edit your schedule, your team is instantly notified in text, email, and the mobile app.
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Simplify your day-to-day communication.

Our built-in messenger makes it easy to keep your entire team in sync.

  • Send messages or announcements to stay on top of bookings or new procedures.
  • Instantly create groups—like everyone working today—for break requests and coordination during peak hours.
  • Know when your team has read your messages, seen the schedule, or reviewed policies.
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With Homebase, I am able to save 20 hours a month making my schedule. You guys make it so easy, I never have to worry!

Angel Putnam

Franchisor of Pigtails & Crewcuts, Greensboro, NC

Know your business is running smoothly.

Homebase time clocks help you keep track of your team and streamline your time tracking.

  • Put your time clock on tablets, computers, or smartphones.
  • Get a snapshot of who’s currently clocked in, on break, and clocked out.
  • Get alerted when employees are late for shifts.
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han 💛
Also they have the most amazing customer service every time you call, there the one company I actually enjoy needing to call them.
I have been in the industry for 25 years and this has what you need and more. For a small business it’s really all you need!
Claire C.
I love the ease of communication Homebase allows with employees.
Farmstrong (Mara)
We've just set up #JoinHomebase & it is some serious, free #kickassSoftware.

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