Eventful March Sees SMB Economy Simmer

The Fed introduced another rate hike on March 22, while a new set of banking crises dominated headlines.  In the…

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Shift Planning Just In Time Scheduling For Local Business

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10 ways to praise team performance to get the most out of employees

Keeping your team happy and motivated should be high on your priority list — especially if you want them to…

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Tip splitting and pooling: The complete guide for restaurant owners

Many restaurant owners implement a tip-splitting system between servers and supporting staff. While the servers are the main point of…

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Why you need an employee handbook for your small business (how to create one)

An employee handbook is a great way to communicate your policies, procedures, and expectations to your employees. Small business owners…

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DOL fines and penalties – What happens if you violate labor laws

You as a small business owner are most likely aware of the federal laws and regulations, and even state laws,…

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