Daily, weekly, and monthly timesheet templates for Excel and Google Sheets

  • Homebase’s free timesheets tool keeps all your labor data in one place and even provides you with a timesheet template to help you run payroll from anywhere in just a few steps. 
  • Our timesheet software tracks work hours in real time, so you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and unreliable pen-and-paper tracking systems.
  • Homebase highlights time card errors automatically and makes it easy for you to fix them, letting you keep accurate records and stay compliant with labor laws.
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What is a timesheet template?

A timesheet template is a document with a predefined page layout that allows businesses to record employee working hours, breaks, and time off more easily. A standard timesheet template includes elements like:

  • Employee name 
  • Date 
  • Number of hours worked
  • Hourly pay rate
  • Task or shift 
  • Clock in and clock out times
  • Overtime 
  • Paid and unpaid breaks 
  • Paid or unpaid time off 
  • Estimated wages per employee

Benefits of using a timesheet template

There are several advantages to using a timesheet template for your time tracking needs. Here are a few of the most important.

Major time saver

Timesheet templates give you the foundational systems you need to keep work on track and stay compliant with state and federal labor laws. They mean you don’t need to create your own timesheet documents from scratch but can dedicate your time to what matters most. 

Beginner-friendly and easy to use

Using a timesheet template is much easier than creating one yourself, especially if you have to figure out which elements to record in order to stay compliant and streamline your payroll process. With a pre-made timesheet, all the information is already there. All you need to do is enter the data. 

Free or very affordably priced

Unlike Homebase, some timesheet software isn’t affordable for small businesses that already have tighter profit margins. Timesheet templates, on the other hand, are often free or cost very little. And once you download the document, you can use it over and over again. 

A good stepping stone before you start using more advanced software

Getting started with new software, learning the ropes, and bringing your whole team on board can be a daunting task. Timesheet templates help ease the transition for you and your staff so you can get your feet wet before committing to a more advanced solution. 

Homebase’s free employee timesheet template

With a completed timesheet, you and your team members will know exactly how much they should get paid, how many hours they worked, and whether or not they accrued any overtime. Here’s what you need to know about our particular timesheet template: 

  • To give you and your managerial team extra flexibility, it doesn’t include any wage rate information. This way, managers who don’t have access to wage rates can still fill out the timesheets.
  • Employees sometimes work multiple roles with different wages for each. There are also holiday and other special pay rates to keep in mind. Our template takes these differences into account and lets you calculate various rates with ease.
  • Paper timesheets are a great starting point, but they don’t free up nearly as much time. Homebase can save you five hours every week and eliminates the need for paper timesheets for free by calculating hours and wages automatically, tracking your labor costs in real time, and reducing errors when running payroll. Ready to give us a try?

Sync your timesheet data directly to payroll with the following providers:

Square Payroll
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“Our payroll is getting more complicated now that we have 80 employees. What’s nice about Homebase is it alerts me if something is wrong with our timesheets. It feels like I have an extra person working on my team helping me to make sure everything around payroll is accurate.”

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How do timesheets work?

There are lots of different kinds of timesheets, so here’s a little more information about how some of the main ones work.

Homebase’s hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly work timesheets

With Homebase, you can make a timesheet in just a few short steps.

First, set up your time clock and add your scheduled times. Then, every time an employee clocks into a scheduled shift, the activity will flow into your Homebase Timesheets view. 

And while our timesheet template is designed for a five-day workweek, you can always add more rows for additional days or weeks. Just be sure you add the right number of days for the pay period. 

A monthly timesheet template for a month of 30 days would, of course, need 30 rows. But a bi-weekly timesheet would need 14, 15, or 16 rows, depending on whether the month has 28, 30, or 31 days.

Excel timesheet template

Excel timesheet templates are helpful for business owners, agencies, freelancers, and project managers alike. That’s because the project timesheets are affordable, accessible, and compatible with all recent versions of Microsoft Excel

Once you download the template, all you need to do is double-click to open it, and you’re good to go. Some templates even have pre-made formulas that can handle the calculations for you. 

Google Sheets timesheet template

These templates are designed for Google Sheets, which is a free, web-based Excel alternative. After downloading the template file, just upload it to Google Sheets and you can start tracking time. 

The great thing about using a Google Sheets template is the fact that the software automatically saves all your work so you won’t lose your data.

Apple Numbers timesheet template

Numbers timesheet templates let you track employee working hours within Apple’s spreadsheet software, just like you would in Excel. You can set up formulas, calculate times, and even implement special functions that let you work out pay period durations.

Timesheet template limitations and their solution

While free timesheet templates are easy to use, they’re not particularly comprehensive. There’s still a lot of work you need to do yourself. A complete time tracking solution is an even better option because it:

  • Automatically calculates total hours, paid and unpaid breaks, and overtime
  • Adds tips and computes wages 
  • Connects to your time clock solution to manage labor leakage and time theft 
  • Sets and tracks labor to sales targets 

By using timesheet software, you’ll be able to seamlessly identify employee time card errors, like missed clock outs or missed lunch breaks. You can also export timesheet data directly to your payroll provider in just a few clicks, so your employees always receive the correct total pay each pay period. 

Let’s take a look at the specific template limitations Homebase’s timesheet solution can solve.

Ensuring labor law compliance

One thing an employee timesheet template can’t help with is labor law compliance. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you need to store employee time card history for at least two years, even if the employee no longer works at your business. Our timesheet software stores those online timesheets in the cloud for easy retrieval.

Tracking PTO and sick leave

A free monthly timesheet in Excel or another spreadsheet program can’t track paid or unpaid time off, sick leave, or vacation days. A template is only a simple calculator that tracks the hours your employees have worked. This can leave you with inaccurate records, complicated payroll, and even increased time theft and labor leakage.

Guaranteeing employee privacy

Security and privacy issues also come along with Excel timesheets. That’s because managers or employees recording the hours they worked in a given pay period probably shouldn’t be able to view other employees‘ hourly rates or see their total pay. 

Timesheet software like Homebase ensures employee privacy and only allows direct managers to access confidential information. 

Reducing human error

With any manual task, especially one involving various calculations, there’s always a risk of human error. When someone’s entering the hours they worked into a timesheet template or copying overtime data from a paper timesheet, there’s a high chance they’ll make a typo or add a zero that shouldn’t be there. 

However, since timesheet software automates data transfer and calculations, you won’t risk falling out of compliance, taking financial risks, or upsetting your employees.

Timesheet template FAQs

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How do you create a timesheet in Word?

You can create a timesheet in Word by either downloading and using a premade template or inserting a table from scratch and populating it with the information you need to track, like dates, employee names, and hours worked. 

However, while you can keep track of the hours your employees work in Word manually, the software won’t do so automatically or calculate breaks and time off. Homebase timesheets will make sure you never miss an error, break, or overtime hours by keeping track of these things for you in our handy app.

How do you fill out a timesheet paper?

To fill out a timesheet paper, all you need to do is jot down the following information:


  • Employee name 
  • Manager name 
  • Date or date range 
  • Clock in and clock out times 
  • Paid or unpaid breaks 
  • Total hours worked
  • Shift or project type
  • Potential overtime 

However, filling out a paper timesheet can be inaccurate and time-consuming. Using free timesheet software like Homebase helps you reduce unnecessary, manual tasks and keep accurate records easily.

How do I make an hourly work timesheet?

With Homebase, it’s very easy to make a timesheet. First, set up your time tracking solution and add your employee schedule. Then, every time your employee clocks into a scheduled shift using our time clock solution, the activity will flow into your Homebase Timesheets view. 

In your Timesheets dashboard, you’ll also see summaries of your employees’ time card activity. You can access these cards on your mobile device or on the web.

How do you calculate hours worked on a timesheet?

To manually calculate your employees’ total hours worked on a timesheet, follow these four steps:

  1. Convert time to the 24-hour clock format
  2. Subtract the start time of each shift from the end time of each shift
  3. Subtract the time accrued for unpaid breaks 
  4. View the actual time worked for the shift

And if you want to calculate an employee’s total wages, just multiply the total hours they worked by their wages. Homebase can also take care of running payroll for you so you can save time and sidestep all those calculations.

Why do I need to worry about employee time tracking?

Employee time tracking is important for businesses because it helps you run payroll accurately, stay compliant with labor laws, prevent time theft, and keep an eye on labor costs. 

While it may seem cheaper and easier to use a free monthly timesheet template, a professional timesheet app will save you time and reduce the risk of human error, lowering the chance of potential problems in the future. You’ll also have a system of records stored securely — complete with time card edit history — that you can download whenever you need to.