How an employee schedule template saves you time and money

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What is an employee schedule template?

An employee schedule template is an online software that can save you hours every week.

Homebase offers a free employee scheduler, with a few added bells and whistles that can really save you time. Employee scheduling software allows your managers to focus on other issues that come with running a business. 

A free weekly employee work schedule template like the one Homebase offers is a much easier way to organize your employee shifts than if you were to use a template in Excel, or even Google Docs.

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Why are Homebase templates better than Microsoft Excel employee schedule templates?

There are several features Homebase offers that Excel does not.You can manage labor costs, unique scheduling strategies like rotating schedules, hours worked, and the number of employees you schedule for the day with the Homebase shift schedule template. You’ll see your projected sales (based on past data), weather forecasts, labor costs, and team availabilities all in one place when you’re building your schedule, so you can plan for the right level of staffing.

If you’re an ice cream shop, for example, you may want to staff lightly on a rainy day, and by switching to scheduling software instead of an Excel schedule template, you’ll have that added flexibility.

And so will your team — as things come up, they can update their availabilities in real-time, and even trade shifts on the weekly schedule template (with manager approval). This is especially useful if you’ve got a lot of younger employees with schedules that change often.


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Homebase scheduling helps save you hours

Perhaps the most immediate change you’ll notice is how much more time you have left over after finishing your weekly employee shift schedule. Most business owners and managers we’ve talked to spend about four or five hours per week on scheduling, and another four or five hours on payroll.

After switching to an employee scheduler like Homebase, you can get both scheduling and payroll done much quicker. The software takes care of checking for time card errors and making sure the scheduled and worked hours match for every employee, so you can be sure they’re getting paid accurately.

With the free mobile apps, your team can also check their hours and even get an estimate of how much they’ll be making.

And perhaps best of all is that the core scheduling, time tracking, and team communication features are completely free, and publishing your first schedule takes just a few minutes.

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