For food & beverage businesses

All-in-One team management.

Homebase helps you manage your schedule, accurately track time, and run a better team.

We support many types of food & beverage businesses including

Clubs and lounges
Fast casual restaurants
Food trucks
Meal delivery

Manage your team's schedule in real time.

Get control of your business from anywhere and never wonder if your team has the up-to-date schedule.

  • Adjust your schedule on the fly from anywhere on your phone.
  • Publish the latest schedule, and your team is instantly notified in text, email, and the mobile app.
  • You get to confirm that they have seen the most recent schedule.
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Easy-to-use time clocks.

Homebase helps you accurately track time and stay compliant with labor laws.

  • Put your time clock on a tablet or POS device in your restaurant or shop.
  • Automatically calculate hours, breaks, and overtime into timesheets to streamline payroll.
  • Set up your break and overtime rules to comply with federal, state, or city laws.
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"Homebase makes running a business easier because you get into the business to focus on what you’re doing. I’m running restaurants, that’s my focus. You don’t want to spend time doing all of the administrative stuff. Homebase helps you run your business with ease."

Christine Ha

Restaurant owner - The Blind Goat & Xin Chao

Run a better team.

Homebase allows your employees to work better together by streamlining communication.

  • Send messages to individuals, groups, or your entire organization.
  • Let employees work directly with each other to trade shifts and coordinate covers.
  • Share new policies and other important work information—and ensure employees read and sign them.
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han 💛
Also they have the most amazing customer service every time you call, there the one company I actually enjoy needing to call them.
I have been in the industry for 25 years and this has what you need and more. For a small business it’s really all you need!
Claire C.
I love the ease of communication Homebase allows with employees.
Farmstrong (Mara)
We've just set up #JoinHomebase & it is some serious, free #kickassSoftware.

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