Take on delivery, field services, and remote work

Free field service management app for field employees or adapting your operations to COVID-19

Manage your team and
business remotely

  • Communicate with your team from anywhere
  • Allow your team to clock in remotely with our field employee tracking app
  • Optimize schedules and costs in real time
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Stay connected with your team no matter where they are located

Whether your team is out at a job site or a delivery, Homebase makes it easy to communicate with our built-in messenger and free mobile app.

  • Send messages and status updates to individuals, groups, or the whole team
  • Get confirmations when your team has read important messages
  • Give shout outs for a job well done—even if you aren’t in person
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Flexible, secure time tracking with our employee tracking system

Homebase offers digital time clocks that allow your team to clock in and out if they are out on a delivery, working remotely, or at a client.

  • Allow your team to remotely clock in on their smartphones or computers
  • Trust clock ins with GPS tracking and early clock in prevention
  • Get alerts when employees are late clocking in
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Update your schedule in real time with a system built for managing remote employees

With changes in employee availability or business needs, adjust your schedule on the fly and instantly notify your team of changes.

  • Fill open shifts and respond to trade requests
  • Leave shift instructions or notes for employees in the schedule
  • Confirm your team has received and viewed the most recent schedule
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Track labor costs and adapt as demand and budgets change

If you are dealing with variability or uncertainty in sales, you can manage labor costs and adapt your operations in real time.

  • Track sales and labor by hour to be able to adapt on the fly
  • Forecast labor sales and labor costs together to to better manage your budgets
  • Track labor costs by hour, department, and role to optimize schedules
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What is an employee location tracking system?

An employee location tracking system, also known as field service management software or field service app, is a way to track employees who may work at different locations. Using a system for field service management (FSM) helps you as a business owner to track time, and make sure employees are completing work orders.

An employee location tracking system also helps business owners stay in communication when managing remote workers. You may not always be face-to-face with these employees, which can include field technicians, or employees who work from home.

You can use an employee location tracking system to manage delivery employees as well. The employee can use a digital time card to clock in, and you can manage all of the scheduling and dispatching from the software as well.

Where do I get a field employee tracking app?

There are many field employee tracking apps online, but the easiest way to track field employees is to use the Homebase app. You can find the employee tracking app right here on our website.

You can also download the app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Android tablet. Once you have signed up for an account and downloaded the app, you’ll be able to access your field employee tracking app from wherever you and your team are located.

How do I use an employee time tracking app?

Using an employee time tracking app is easy and efficient. To use an app such as Homebase, all you need to do is get started with a Homebase account, add your employees, and you can begin managing their schedules, timesheets, and more right from the free app. 

Employees can access the Homebase app from any device, including desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Android tablet. Each employee will be assigned their own PIN number to clock in for each shift, no matter where their shift may be, with the free field tracking app. 

You can stay connected and up-to-date on employee timesheets with the app as well. With the Homebase app you can optimize labor costs, scheduling and dispatching, and even team communication, all in one place. 

What is the best employee time tracking software?

The best employee time tracking software is one that tracks your employee’s work time from no matter where they are. Whether your field workers are working a delivery shift, completing work orders as a field technician traveling from location to location, or simply working at home remotely, your field service management time tracking system should make it as easy as possible to keep an eye on your team’s shifts.

Homebase is the best employment time tracking software for field workers and any other employees because you can manage all of the aspects that go into handling employees in one free app.

Homebase makes communication with remote workers easier because you do not have to search for phone numbers. Instead, you can send messages to any single employee, or even a group of employees, to get the word out about schedules, business updates, and more.

Not only can your team clock in remotely from wherever they are, but they can also view their schedules and timesheets from any device as well. This means that they will always be up to date on when they are scheduled to work.

How do I choose the right field staff tracking app for my company?

When choosing the right field staff tracking app for your business, it is important to find the best one to suit your needs. If you need to manage remote workers, field technicians, or other employees that do not work at the same location as you, your field employment tracking app is the key to your success.

In order for your customers to get the best customer experience and best customer service, you must be in continuous communication with your employees to make sure they are performing the best job.

If communication is a necessity in your business, then using Homebase as your employee time tracking app is the best way to get the job done. You can communicate with one employee personally, or a group of employees together.

Through the Homebase messaging app you can send messages and status updates to your entire team, or keep things one-on-one with individual communication. You can also uset he messaging tool to send status updates so everyone is on the same page. Not only does the Homebase messaging app help you stay in communication, you can see when an employee reads your message with confirmations.

Do you have an employee who has gone above and beyond with customer service? You can highlight a job well done with shout outs.

Are they remote? No problem. You can send the shoutouts even if you are not working at the same location.

Why is Homebase the best FSM software?

Homebase is the best option when choosing an FSM software or free employee tracking app because you can manage not only your team’s remote work but also scheduling, communication and time tracking.

Instead of using a different account for each aspect of your business, you can utilize Homebase to make work easier on all fronts. Do you need to adjust your schedule often due to shift swaps and time-off requests? Homebase can help. You can update your schedule in real time, even for your remote employees.

Are you struggling with rising labor costs? Homebase can help with that as well. With the app you can track labor costs and sales in real time and by the hour and make changes where needed. You can also forecast labor costs and sales together to manage and optimize your business budget.

Not only can you track labor costs in real time, but you can also track them by role, department, and hour. This way you can optimize your schedules and edit your existing, repeating schedule with ease. Again, from wherever you are.

The Homebase digital time clock means your team can clock in and out even if they are on the move, staying productive. Whether the employee is running a delivery, working remotely, or handling a client call on site, clocking in and out is a breeze. The clock-ins come with GPS tracking and still prevent early clock ins. And if an employee is late, you will be alerted through the app.

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