4 reasons you should use an employee schedule maker app

  • Shift scheduling with an employee scheduling software saves you time each week with features other methods don’t offer
  • Online scheduling lets you make changes in real time, anytime, anywhere since it’s on a mobile device 
  • With Homebase’s free employee schedule maker, you can create schedules and immediately share them with your staff
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1. Employee scheduling apps make the scheduling process quicker and easier

As a business owner or manager, every day is busy and you don’t always know what challenge you’re going to have to tackle. So what would you rather spend your time doing – updating an archaic paper schedule for your scheduled weeks or months, or seamlessly running your business from the convenience of your computer or mobile app?

The less time you spend dealing with scheduling issues, the more time you have to focus on other things.

With Homebase scheduling, you can use a scheduling template or even let Homebase’s work schedule maker, equipped with a drag and drop feature thanks to our impressive graphic design, do the work for you. 

If you like to use the same schedule each week, you can even copy schedules over to the next pay period. You can also practice predictive scheduling by setting them up weeks in advance and share your schedule to employees instantly.

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2. You’ll be able to keep your employees up to date

If you’re relying on a pen and paper solution for giving out schedules and work hours to employees, it can get lost. An employee, for example, might write down the schedule somewhere, misplace it, and neglect to show up for a shift in the absence of having that information on hand. 

With an online employee scheduling app like Homebase, you can send your employees’ schedules each week instantly through the app to reduce the likelihood of no-shows. Not only that, but you can send out updates as needed, and your employees can do the same.

Plus, Homebase reminds employees about their upcoming schedule and time of their shift. This gives them the opportunity to prepare for a successful work day. 

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3. You’ll make fewer mistakes

Remember that time one of your employees asked to switch his shift and you forgot to update the schedule? It happens to the best managers all the time. But with Homebase scheduling, you’re less likely to make that same mistake. 

With the right program, your employees will be able to submit shift swaps and time-off requests on their mobile app. That way, you’ll be able to track time off and other factors at your convenience and address them, rather than run the risk of forgetting to jot down something someone told you on the fly. 

Furthermore, let’s say an employee does catch you with a request while you’re running around doing other things. If you’re not at your desk, you can utilize the mobile app on your phone or tablet and update your schedule right then and there. It’s a better option than relying on your brain to retain that information till the end of a busy day.


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4. You might even save money on labor costs

Too much staff can be detrimental to your business when you’re paying for manpower you don’t actually need. Another major benefit of online scheduling apps is that they allow you to track your employees’ time and see exactly what you’re paying them for. 

An online schedule planning service like Homebase might also help your business save money by reducing overtime hours, which are automatically calculated through the software. You’ll get alerts when someone is about to go over the overtime threshold so you can make smarter scheduling choices.

Furthermore, Homebase’s time clock app will let you know when someone is missing their breaks, helping you stay compliant. 

Homebase also lets you integrate your sales forecasts and data. This lets you set labor targets and build your schedule around them, so you’re not spending more money on labor than you need to. 

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