The best free schedule software for cleaning companies [2023]

Staff scheduling can feel like herding cats. 

Between spending hours setting up shifts, coordinating availability and time off, figuring out timesheets, pay, and overtime—it’s a lot. 

Whether you do residential cleaning or commercial cleaning, it’s too much to handle manually. Especially if you have a lot of staff or your cleaning service company is growing. 

That’s why scheduling software for your cleaning service business is so important. 

It automates, simplifies, and facilitates the scheduling process digitally, so you stay organized, and always have staff available when and where you need them. You’ll save time and hassle, avoid clashes, and keep your team happy. You can even organize time off requests, let staff switch their own shifts, and coordinate payroll. 

But with many workplace communication and scheduling apps available, it can be complicated and time-consuming to figure out which one might be best for your business.

That’s why we’ve:

  • Compiled our top five software platforms for cleaning service scheduling
  • Explained what to look for in a cleaning scheduling app
  • Compared the tools’ major features
  • Listed the five apps in more detail, including the stand-out features, pros and cons, and pricing, so you can make the best choice for your cleaning service business
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He said that

With Homebase we were able to get rid of the physical time clock, and my team started clocking in on their phone. Once people finally bought in to using the app on their phone, they realized they could see all the history of their work and how much they should expect to be paid.

Jared Higginbotham

Owner at Teal Door Housekeeping

At a glance: Our top choice for cleaning services scheduling software

  • Homebase – An all-in-one employee management app. Best for teams that need an easy-to-use scheduling platform with a free option, which works alongside other powerful workplace tools
  • When I Work – Simple app focused on scheduling. Best for teams that need simplicity and don’t require many other employment tools
  • Connecteam – A powerful employee management app. Best for larger companies looking to scale, with a higher budget
  • Prospr At Work – A mobile-only app for staff management. Best for teams that need simplicity on a smartphone only
  • Voilà! – An all-in-one app with many features. Best for companies that require more complex capabilities and may need Enterprise pricing options

What to look for in a cleaning scheduling app

Of course, the best app for you will depend on your exact needs. But when looking for your perfect scheduling software, we recommend considering some or all of the following features.


Budget is a key consideration. Small businesses may not be able to stretch to complex scheduling software designed for large, enterprise organizations. Strike a balance between an app that does what you need, at a price that makes sense. Homebase offers many of its core features for free, which may work best for you if your business is small or scaling. 

Simplicity and staff independence 

The best apps keep things simple. They’re designed specifically with hourly-based employment in mind. Apps like Homebase let you coordinate staff availability, and schedule shifts using templates or automation. They let you publish a schedule and notify staff automatically.

Employees can then confirm they’ve seen the update, and even switch shifts between each other on the same system, without your involvement. This saves you serious time and stress, and gives staff independence and autonomy over their schedule, even as you retain overall control.

Homebase aims to keep things even simpler and easier. It can send alerts when staff are about to enter overtime, automatically lets you avoid scheduling clashes, and lets you build schedules according to sales targets and labor regulations.

Mobile capability

Scheduling software is most effective when it’s available on a mobile phone app. This enables you to schedule shifts on the go, and for staff to receive notifications of updates wherever they are. Homebase is available on desktop and smartphone (both Android and iOS) and sends updates via email, app, and text message.

This means workers can communicate even when they’re not on-site, and no updates or last-minute changes are missed (even if staff don’t check their email or open the app).

Cleaners can sign in and view shifts on the go, and Homebase even lets you enable access at geofenced locations, so staff can check their schedule in specific places when needed.

Flexibility for notes

You want a scheduling platform that offers customization and extra flexibility, so you can tailor shifts to your specific needs. For example, on Homebase, managers can add extra shift notes to give employees a heads-up about specific cleaning needs. 

You can include checklists so that the cleaning is always consistent, or let staff know about any changes or particular requirements. This helps to improve the consistency and quality of the work and gives staff reassurance that they have all the information they need to do a good cleaning job.

In-app communication

Scheduling is only one part of organizing a team. Creating a team spirit can be more complex. That’s why it makes sense to choose an app that lets team members easily keep in touch with each other, even if they’re spread out.

Apps like Homebase enable instant messaging between managers, and between team members too, so they can chat, whether about the logistics of shifts or work-related updates or just to build community.

Extra staff management tools

Scheduling isn’t just about organizing shifts. It’s also about coordinating workers’ availability, keeping track of vacations, time off, and core features like payroll. 

That’s why you need an app that includes other features, like vacation requests and approvals. Homebase lets you do this, and enables employees to request time off (within certain conditions, such as seven days in advance), so you can keep track of everybody’s availability in the same place where you coordinate shifts.

Comparison chart on the best cleaning service software solutions

Cost (US$ per month) Mobile & desktop capability In-app messaging Shift flexibility, extra notes etc. Availability & vacation features HR & team happiness tools Labor and time clock tools
Homebase Free basic plan for unlimited users & most core tools

Starts at $20 per location

When I Work From $2.50 per user for the Standard plan

From $6 per user for Advanced

Connecteam Free for up to 10 users

From $30 for Basic, $49 for Advanced, $99 for Expert

Prospr At Work Free to download. X 

Mobile only

Voilà! Free for 14 days.

From $3 per user for Business

Custom pricing for unlimited features



5 of the best cleaning scheduling apps

Let’s look at the apps in more detail, so you can decide which one will work best for your business.

1. Homebase

A screen showing Homebase’s scheduling tool

Homebase includes powerful scheduling software alongside a suite of other management tools

Homebase is an all-in-one platform specially designed for business owners with hourly-paid staff. Its scheduling tool is just one of many capabilities, including time tracking, team communication, payroll, hiring, HR, and employee happiness. Scheduling works seamlessly alongside other tools to enable easy staff management and employee communication, all under one digital ‘roof’.

Stand-out features

  • Scheduling with templates and auto-scheduling. Optimized, easy shift organization
  • Designed as part of a wider platform. Complete, streamlined staff management 
  • Schedule according to sales forecasts. Coordinate staff by business goals
  • Automatic alerts. Remind staff of shifts, avoid overtime or schedule clashes
  • Mobile-friendly. On-the-go capability, with alerts via text, email, and app
  • Enable staff to switch shifts independently. Let staff communicate without your involvement (just approval)
  • Personal notes. Add instructions and reminders to shifts
  • Coordinate with vacation requests. Manage time off and changing staff availability

Pros and cons 

Homebase’s strength is in its multiple features, which include scheduling as a core part of a complete array of services designed to make managing hourly-paid cleaning staff as easy as possible. 

However, it isn’t purely a scheduling app, so if you’re looking for a platform that focuses on scheduling alone, then it may not be right for you.


  • Basic – Free for one location and unlimited employees. Includes scheduling and availability
  • Essentials – $20 per month per location. Everything in Basic, plus team communication
  • Plus – $48 per month per location. Everything in Essentials, plus labor cost controls, and time off limits

All in one – $80 per month per location. Everything in Plus, as well as HR and compliance, new hire onboarding, and employee documentation

2. When I Work

A view of When I Work’s calendar view

When I Work lets you schedule staff across sites digitally

When I Work is a simple, scheduling-focused app for shift-based workplaces. It has four core features centered on scheduling and timesheets, as well as team messaging for easy coordination.

Stand-out features

  • Employee scheduling. Save time with a dedicated scheduling dashboard within the app
  • Time clock. Track attendance and time off, and control costs
  • Team messaging. Message your team seamlessly on-the-go and enable group chats 
  • Timesheets. Integrate with payroll platforms and connect pay with hours easily

Pros and cons

When I Work specializes in scheduling, time tracking, time clocks, and communication across departments, and is a stand-out app when it comes to coordinating schedules.

However, it doesn’t specialize in other features that you may need to manage your team, like workplace perks, staff happiness, and HR compliance. Advanced features, as well as time and attendance, and pay, cost extra.


  • Standard – From $2.50 per month per user, rising to $4 per month for all tools. Standard scheduling. All tools include scheduling, time and attendance, and on-demand pay.
  • Advanced – From $6 per month per user, rising to $8 per month for all tools. Advanced scheduling, plus time and attendance, and on-demand pay.

3. Connecteam

A view of Connecteam’s drag-and-drop calendar system

Connecteam uses a drag-and-drop system to simplify scheduling visually

Connecteam is a team management app created for “non-desk employees.” It uses drag-and-drop scheduling to create shifts, let employees swap easily, and set repeating schedules.

Stand-out features

  • Scheduling. Shift creation, clash avoidance, on-the-go management
  • Time clock. Mobile clocking in and out, vacation tracking. Payroll integration
  • Employee communication. Secure chats integrated with day-to-day operations  
  • Task management. Recurring tasks, and automation
  • Checklists and forms. Digital forms, checklists, and workflows for staff instructions
  • HR and people management. Team rewards, HR documentation, training, and onboarding

Pros and cons 

Connecteam has many of the powerful features that cleaning businesses may need, including communication and HR management, as well as basic scheduling. 

However, it is designed for larger businesses looking to scale, so it may not be the best if you need a platform particularly suited to a smaller, more agile company. Its pricing structure is also more complex than some platforms, and many features are from different ‘hubs’ (for example, time tracking is in Operations, while chat is in Communications).


Users need to choose between Operations Hub (time clock, scheduling, forms, tasks), Communications (chat, updates, team surveys), and HR (courses, quizzes documents, and staff recognition perks).

Each hub costs the same but includes different features.

  • Small Business – Free for up to 10 users. Most popular features
  • Basic – From $30 per month for up to 30 users. 50c per month per extra user. Everything in Small Business, plus time tracking and payroll
  • Advanced – From $49 per month for up to 30 users. $1.50 per month per extra user. Everything in Basic, plus shift templates, recurring tasks, and time clock features
  • Expert – From $99 per month for up to 30 users. $3 per month per extra user. Everything in Advanced, plus multi-branch management and automation

4. Prospr At Work

Screenshots of Prospr At Work’s app screens on an iPhone

Prospr At Work is an app-based platform on iOS and Android

Prospr At Work is an entirely app-based tool designed to improve team efficiency and productivity. It includes automatic scheduling and real-time alerts for staff.

Stand-out features

  • Shift scheduling. Set shifts across different sites
  • Real-time alerts. Send reminders and messages to staff on the go
  • Automatic schedule generation. Save time with automated schedule generation
  • Real-time monitoring. Keep track of what’s happening within the app
  • Team-wide messaging. Send announcements and updates to the whole staff

Pros and cons 

Prospr At Work is a light, simple, mobile-designed app that centers on messaging and automated scheduling. It also has team check-in capabilities so you know if your staff are on time.

However, it’s only available on a smartphone and doesn’t have a desktop version. It is also relatively simple and doesn’t have advanced features, such as for HR or staff vacation requests. 


  • Free. Download from the Apple App Store.

5. Voilà!

A view of the Voilà! app’s notification of time off

The Voilà! app lets you monitor time off as well as schedules and shifts

Voilà! is an all-in-one digital platform designed to help employers manage teams and save time. It is designed for a range of different industries, all based on hourly-paid employees.

Stand-out features

  • Scheduling. Plan business operations and shifts in advance with templates, across budgets, positions, and locations
  • Time and attendance. Enable time clocking and set up accurate location tracking
  • Task management. Set tasks and job management for staff, and add feedback when each is completed
  • Workplace communication. Team-based messaging, 1-on-1 chats, and document sharing
  • Overtime management. Manage overtime budgets and shifts, issue overtime payments, and enable shift-switching
  • Mobile app. Available to download on the App Store and Google Play

Pros and cons 

Voilà! has a wide range of powerful tools to enable many key employee management needs.

However, it’s not specially designed for cleaning companies. It also has a wide range of features and tools, which may not be best if you’re looking for a simple, more streamlined platform.


  • Starter – Free 14-day trial. Includes scheduling, time and attendance, instant messaging, and mobile apps
  • Business – From $3 per user per month. Includes everything in Starter, plus 20 hours of live chat, video, and phone support; and a dedicated account manager for 200+ employees

Enterprise – Custom pricing. Everything in Business, plus unlimited access to all features and tailored pricing structure

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Cleaning scheduling software FAQs

homebase customer photo homebase customer photo

What is the best cleaning scheduling software?

The best cleaning scheduling software for your business depends on what you need, but the best will include mobile capability for on-the-go communication, staff messaging, easy shift generation to help you save time, plus payroll and HR tools, at a cost that fits your budget. 

The best options, like Homebase, will be specially designed for hourly-based staff management, and include a suite of tools that go beyond scheduling to help you organize all aspects of cleaning team management.

What are the advantages of a cleaning scheduling app?

The main advantage of a cleaning scheduling app is that it’s available on your mobile device, so staff can access their schedule and updates while on the go, or spread across different sites. This enables you to send and receive updates or last-minute changes, and ensure that they don’t get missed, wherever you or your staff happen to be.

How can Homebase help my cleaning business?

Homebase can help your cleaning business because it includes a wide range of features specially designed to help manage a team of hourly-paid employees. Not only does it offer scheduling, timesheet, and time clock tools, but it also includes features to help with HR and compliance, team happiness, hiring and onboarding, and payroll. 

This keeps everything organized under one digital ‘roof’. It lets you send updates to staff when needed, build a community among staff, give workers independence, and manage staff rewards, HR compliance, worker recognition, and workplace perks.