Auto scheduling
how to choose the best software

  • Auto schedulers allow businesses to seamlessly schedule employees in just a few clicks with the right tools and features. 
  • Homebase’s scheduling software streamlines your scheduling process by comparing roles and availability with business needs and producing a schedule template.
  • Then, the manager simply needs to approve the created schedule, saving hours on each scheduling process.
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What is an auto scheduler?

Auto scheduling software is an online tool that allows businesses to seamlessly schedule employees and send that optimal schedule to their team with just one click. There can be many additional scheduling features that sweeten the deal for businesses and employees alike, but let’s start with the core definition.

An automatic scheduler takes the information you have already inputted into the software and creates the best staff scheduling plan for you, saving time and money that you can put back into running your business. 

Businesses need a schedule planner to help map out a number of things: what the assigned shifts are for the team, how many overtime hours per week are in budget when necessary, and how many employees need to be on the work schedule for the week shifts based on robust forecasting. 

Free online scheduling tools like Homebase allow you to make your automated schedule in just a couple clicks, send the scheduled shifts to your team, and keep an eye on things like scheduling conflicts, time-off requests, and more on the go with your mobile app.

Keeping your business running smoothly requires all your employees to be at the place at the right time. That means that all employees need to know when they are scheduled and adhere to that schedule. But there are so many ways to make your team’s schedule—how do you find the best employee scheduling app?

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What is the best auto scheduler?

Simplifying the scheduling process is a great perk for small businesses, but it really is the additional scheduling features Homebase offers that increase the impact of the best employee scheduling apps. Let’s go over each of these features to understand what they add to the auto scheduling solution.

If there aren’t many external factors that you have to take into account before making your weekly schedule, automation might be a good option. Not all workforce management tools will be able to completely automate the process, but the Homebase schedule maker helps streamline operations by comparing roles and availability with business needs and producing a schedule template for the manager to approve.

Homebase also allows you to save details to the schedule and automatically send them out to any employees that have shifts at that site. That way, they will understand the needs of that particular shift. This goes back to communication: when employees and businesses are on the same page, everyone can work toward the same goal.

Furthermore, Homebase lets managers know when requests for time off and to trade shifts come in. Not to mention, it notifies them when potential conflicts arise–like when a shift swap would lead to overtime pay that is out of budget. Whether employees and employers prefer to do this by email, text, or via a mobile app, all are possible with Homebase.

Homebase has top-rated Android and iOS apps, a great web platform for desktop or mobile web, and tablet and POS tools for clock in. Make your schedules, use our time clock, message your team, and prepare for payroll on whatever device you want.

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How do I make an auto schedule?

Homebase makes auto scheduling a breeze by offering a ton of tools that allow you to copy and paste your weekly schedule over to another week to save hours. First you will log into your Homebase account and click on the Scheduling tab in your dashboard. 

You can then create shifts for your employees by selecting the box under the employee’s name and clicking ADD+. A window will pop up where you can select the times and roles. Then, all you have to do is publish the schedule and notify your employees that a new one is out.

If you want to automate your schedule to the next week or future time periods, simply click on the Copy button in the corner of your scheduling tab and you can copy the entire schedule to a future week. You can even build schedule templates to make things even easier for you each scheduling period. 

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