Homebase’s free time clock app with GPS

Track your employees and let them clock in from job sites and remote locations

  • GPS time clocks allow employees to clock in and out at job sites remotely
  • Employers can verify a team member is at the right place with Homebase’s mobile time clock
  • Our time tracking solution alerts employees if they fail to clock out at the end of their shift, which cuts labor costs 

What is a GPS time clock?

GPS time clocks — also called mobile time clocks — are mobile apps that let business owners and employees who travel to different work locations clock in on-site using a mobile device. That means your staff members won’t have to waste time going into headquarters before starting their workday.

You can also use mobile time clock apps to prevent time theft as employees who forget to clock out after their shifts can do so on their mobile app. This decreases the chances of inaccurate employee time tracking and ensures your labor costs are correct.

How does GPS time tracking work?

With a GPS time tracking appnot to be confused with a biometric time clockmanagers and business owners can ditch paper timesheets and instead set a radius around the location where employees are supposed to clock in and start working. 

A GPS time clock app (like Homebase’s time clock) will then track remote employees’ devices to ensure they’re clocking in at the right place. Some businesses also use apps with GPS capabilities for mileage tracking if they have team members who drive around as part of their jobs.

What are the benefits of GPS time clocks?

While relying on old-fashioned time cards to track labor hours can seem like a convenient option, there are many benefits to choosing a modern solution like GPS time clocks, such as accurate time tracking, time theft prevention, easier remote management, and more transparency.

Let’s break down those advantages a bit further.

Record hours accurately

Time clocks equipped with GPS location tracking and geo-fencing capabilities help you keep detailed, error-free records by making sure your employees are clocking in and out at the right location.

So for example, if an employee signed in early while they were still three blocks away from their workplace, Homebase’s GPS time clock would record their location so you could keep track of where they were when they clocked in and hold them accountable.

Plus, our geo-fencing functionality can even restrict clock-in areas, which further increases accuracy and helps prevent fraudulent activities like buddy punching.

Prevent time theft

You can greatly reduce the risk of time theft and buddy punching — when a staff member clocks in for someone else — if all employees have online time clocks with their job site’s coordinates on their phones.

GPS time clocks like Homebase also cut costs by alerting employees if they forget to sign out at the end of their shift by sending them a notification reminding them to do so. That means when it’s time to run payroll, you won’t be paying for labor that wasn’t performed. Instead, you’ll be able to invest that money back into your business.

Manage your remote team more easily

Traditional time clocks weren’t designed for staff members who have to travel to off-site locations — they force remote employees to make extra trips to central workplaces and clock in before they can start their shifts.

As an alternative, time clocks that are equipped with geo-fencing and GPS technology make remote employee management easy. They allow any staff member with access to a phone and an internet connection to clock in and out directly from their job site. This reduces labor costs and lets you see whether or not employees are signing into the right locations in real-time.

Promote transparency

Mobile time clock apps remove any blockers to understanding how your employees spend their time at work and make sure everyone’s on the same page. That means you’ll always be able to hold workers accountable for their working hours and compensate them fairly.

GPS time clocks also protect employees by tracking overtime, storing accurate time reports, and helping you pay your workers correctly when it’s time to process payroll.

The 3 best GPS time clock apps

Interested in getting a mobile time tracking app set up for your business? Let’s take a look at three of the best options on the market.

1. Homebase

Caption: Homebase’s GPS time clock app lets employees clock in from any device.

With Homebase’s GPS time clock app, staff members can sign in and out of their shifts from almost any device that has an internet connection, including Android and iPhone. Once they arrive on-site, they just need to enter their unique PIN to clock in. Then, you can easily and accurately track their hours, breaks, overtime, and paid time off (PTO).

Top features

  • Time clock
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Employee scheduling
  • Numerous integrations like Square and QuickBooks
  • Simple for employees to clock in with their unique PINs
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Payroll


Homebase’s time tracking app is free. Plus, it includes scheduling, messaging, and hiring!

2. Clockify

Caption: Clockify has features that are specific to time tracking, like timesheets and employee scheduling.

Clockify is a time tracking and timesheet app that’s great for agencies and freelancers. However, this tool also has some features that can support small businesses, like a manual GPS tracker and reminder notifications that alert your team to log their hours if they’ve forgotten to do so.

Top features

  • Time tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Employee scheduling
  • Calendar for visualizing hours worked
  • The ability to log in with unique employee PINs
  • A unified dashboard for gathering data and analytics


Clockify is completely free to use.

3. Connecteam

Caption: Connecteam prevents time theft by only letting employees clock in and out from predefined zones.

Connecteam is an HR software solution with a colorful interface that provides managers with time tracking features and employee scheduling tools. Like with Homebase, Connecteam lets you keep track of employee locations and prevent time theft with geo-fencing zones.

Top features

  • Time clock
  • Task management
  • Timesheets
  • Alerts and notifications when employees go overtime
  • Integrations with payroll software like QuickBooks and Gusto


The Operations module, which includes a time clock app, job scheduling, forms, and quick tasks, is free for up to ten users. After that, the paid plans start at $35 per month.

Why Homebase is the best GPS mobile time clock

Homebase offers the best time and attendance tracking solution for small business owners with off-site staff members, which is proven by our many five-star reviews. Designed specifically for small businesses, our tool uses GPS and geo-fencing technology to help you cut costs, collect accurate data, and streamline your operations.

Let’s take a look at what makes Homebase the best GPS mobile time clock!

Get timely notifications

Did an employee forget to clock out? Not a problem. Our mobile time clock will send an alert reminding them to do so, which will make sure your records stay accurate and you pay people for their time correctly.

Track employee breaks

The mobile time clock is just one part of our larger set of time tracking tools. With Homebase, your employees can track their paid or unpaid breaks directly from their devices. And employers can also monitor breaks and receive notifications when a staff member is about to hit overtime, which helps you stay in compliance with labor laws.

Collect accurate data on employee work times

If an employee is late for a shift, you’ll receive a notification letting you know. You’ll even gain insight into which staff members are late and on time the most often out of your team. This helps lower labor costs because it prevents staff members from clocking in early and allows for automatic clock-outs when someone forgets to sign out of their shift.

Track PTO requests

Do you offer your team members paid leave? Homebase can help track time off requests for paid time off or paid sick leave, making it easier to manage scheduling and availability. And since employees can schedule PTO in advance instead of relying on last-minute shift swapping, you won’t have to worry as much about unscheduled absences, buddy punching, or time theft.

Make time tracking simpler and more accurate with Homebase

GPS time clocks provide a more accurate way of time tracking than traditional methods like Excel spreadsheets and punch clocks. These web-based solutions can help you stay ahead of time theft while also keeping your business compliant, which makes them a great addition to any business.

Our time tracking solution has all the features you need to streamline your time management processes, like scheduling, time tracking, and clocking in via geofencing. And best of all, it’s free!

As an added bonus, we can also take other team management issues off your plate with tools for payroll, employee scheduling, team communication, and HR and compliance. With Homebase on your side, you’ll have the time and energy to focus on doing what matters most.

Mobile GPS time clock FAQs

homebase customer photo homebase customer photo

What is the best GPS time clock app?

Homebase has the best GPS time clock app for small businesses. With our platform, you can track time accurately and efficiently by getting your employees to log in using unique PINs when they arrive on the job site. Our geo-fencing feature also makes sure your team members have actually arrived for work when they clock in and that you aren’t paying for any time that isn’t accounted for.

How much does a mobile GPS time clock cost?

How much a mobile GPS time clock costs depends on the platform and subscription model you choose. However, prices generally range from free to over $30 per month. Homebase users can access our GPS time clock feature for free

How accurate is a GPS clock?

Smartphones and devices equipped with GPS technology determine someone’s location with radio signals from satellites in outer space or Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS). So generally, time clocks using GPS can be accurate to within less than a second and a distance of a few feet. 

Newer smartphones and tech companies like iPhone 14 Pro, Xiaomi, or Huawei rely on a newer technology called dual-frequency GPS, which can be accurate within a distance of a few centimeters or a couple of inches. 

Who are GPS time clocks best for?

Homebase was specifically designed for small businesses and hourly teams, and that’s what GPS time clocks are great for! They prevent time theft, save you and your employees precious time, and make managing remote teams a breeze, just to name a few benefits. 

Some of the specific industries that regularly rely on GPS time clocks include:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Home and repair
  • Professional services (remote or on-site!)